Do you love to color?

Are you a fan of Fixer Upper?

Instantly Decorate on a Dime with the Celebrating Florals Vol. 1 coloring book! 

It is filled with: • Farmhouse florals • Encouraging Quotes • DIY Gift Tags and more!  

Best of all you can print the pages over and over so don't worry if you make a mistake, or just want to create a different version. It's easy!

16 pages of beautiful blooms to inspire and soothe  

- No Experience Necessary! - 

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or advanced coloring artists, these pages are for everyone. So it's ok if you haven't colored in years (or even decades!) you will find these designs to be very user-friendly. 

Because they're digital you are free to print out fresh pages as often as needed. No worries about mistakes, simply print and start again!

Are you a coloring pro? Then you'll shine by using advanced shading and other techniques to make these blossoms look fresh from the garden.  

Print, color, and share your masterpiece with your friends and family!


Print on cardstock or regular paper depending on how you want to use them. You decide!


Because these are digital pages you can color these images as many times as you like!


There are so many ways to share these: as gifts, art for your home, cards, and more!


Color & Relax

In our everyday life we are inundated with demands, pressures, decisions, fears, challenges, and more. We are on the go constantly and it can be overwhelming and stressful. 

We need ways to unwind and relax that are healthy and healing, and if they can be fun and provide us with something pretty? Awesome!

Welcome to the blissful world of coloring books!

Ignite your creativity with the simple act of coloring and discover more joy and peace in your everyday life. 


About the Author

Jennifer is the author of Celebrating Everyday Life blog and magazine. She is passionate about helping everyone (especially women) create beauty, find balance and enjoy their everyday lives! 

Outside of the digital world, Jennifer is a big fan of Jane Austen, sweet tea with lemon, and fixing up her 80 year old farm! You can follow all of her adventures on her blog, instagram, and facebook.  

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